Why Work with Us

thumbnailEvery financial advisor is different. Here is why we believe Hill Financial Services, PC is right for you.


In recent years, the disciplines within professions have become increasingly specific. There used to be one insurance agent that would attend to all your needs. Now, there are three or four different agents, each specializing in a niche. This trend is taking hold across the board, affecting attorneys, doctors, accountants, and even financial advisors.

That is not to say specialization isn’t a good thing. Specialists, by definition, have more experience in a certain field, delivering knowledge, service, and strategy that you can’t get anywhere else.

But still, wouldn’t you like to be able to house all these specialists under one umbrella? We can do that for you. At Hill Financial Services, PC, we coordinate and collaborate with your other advisors, ensuring that all of the pieces of your financial world fit together into your unique financial strategy. By acting as your “Personal CFO,” we help ensure you have better results and free you to focus on other matters.


By definition, an advisor guides you through difficult decisions, getting you through the tough times to better days. Giving recommendations, offering a hand of support, and coaching you through a dilemma are just part of a financial advisor’s duty to you.

We believe that financial advising, as the name suggests, is 50 percent finance and 50 percent advising. We begin with matching the appropriate investment solution with your situation, and follow up by providing guidance and support along the way.

Do you seek a reprieve from the stress of managing your own finances? Would you like the burden of retirement planning lifted from your shoulders? This is our job; it is what we are trained to do. We advise, educate, and deliver the investment selections and financial strategies our clients need to feel comfortable about their future.


“How do you have the time to do all of this?” is a question often asked by our newer clients. The answer is surprisingly simple. By choice, we keep a small client base. Rather than have hundreds of clients and fail to win their trust, we build deep relationships of respect and mutual understanding with our exclusive clientele.

This one-on-one, personalized presence is coupled with state-of-the-art technology platforms, which increase our efficiency in providing services to our clients. We also have relationships with hand-picked experts in the areas of estate and tax law, trusts, insurance, retirement plans, and money managers who we work with to help implement financial strategies for our clients. The time not spent with you is dedicated toward improving our internal processes and continuously learning about the ever-changing financial world.

Overall, we know that our clients want the best of both worlds, and we do our best to give it to them. We make it easy for clients to work with us. We simplify their financial affairs and help bring clarity and confidence in their financial future.