Our Services

iStock_000022547240SmallWe specialize in holistic financial planning. By taking into account your entire life, including your financial status, current income generation, financial needs, personal values, and risk tolerance, we can provide a more complete service to you. Our process is one of collaboration and mutual understanding. Just as we select investments that are right for you, we also help you understand those solutions. You will always know how your assets are working for you.

Plans are not meant to last forever. A financial plan is a living document, and it requires periodic review and enhancement to ensure a quality experience. As your trusted advisors, we are there to make that happen. Through constant monitoring and active communication, you are kept abreast of any possible changes to your plan.

We truly care about your life and your goals. When you succeed, so do we. Your plan is created to help you determine what you want to accomplish. Based on our conversations, we may include the following services as part of your comprehensive financial plan:

  • Retirement planning: We help you save for retirement and project cash-flow scenarios to help ensure you don’t run out of money
  • Goal-based investment planning: Whatever the specific goal, be it a car, a wedding, a vacation, living expenses, or setting aside funds for unforeseen emergencies, we can help you get what you need
  • Comprehensive tax planning: Bonnie’s CPA experience helps us to identify strategies to minimize your income taxes
  • Estate/legacy planning: In coordination with your estate attorney, we utilize trusts and other options to achieve your gifting needs.
  • Insurance and risk planning: We offer different insurance services for different needs, intended to support your comprehensive plan and protect your hard-earned wealth
  • Business retirement plans: If you own a business, a good retirement plan is key to attracting quality employees and retaining existing workers. We consult with you and design a plan based on your business needs.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about how we can help you.