Meet Kim and Michael

Loving Woman Embracing Man From Behind At HomeThey started their business twenty years ago. Michael spent his time doing the work, while Kim managed the bookkeeping and office duties out of a spare bedroom. Today, they have over 200 employees, three children, investment properties, a second business, a second home, and a whole lot going on. They have worked hard to get where they are, and can finally take a step back to think about their retirement.

Kim and Michael have a complicated financial life. As their business grew over the years, we helped them make important decisions by educating them on the financial, tax, and other implications associated with their needs. We worked together to develop sound financial strategies to help them manage and grow their wealth, incorporating business planning, diversified investment allocations, and appropriate insurance instruments to protect both their family and their business.  One of Kim and Michael’s chief priorities was keeping their hard-earned money close to home, so we developed tax minimization strategies designed to achieve that goal.

When the children came along, we set up 529 plans to pay for their education. We also worked with estate attorneys and insurance specialists to develop trusts for the children that would shield some of their income. As they started hiring more employees, Kim and Michael had to think about the well-being of their valued staff. We set up a 401(k) plan to help their employees save for retirement.  They had some key employees that were instrumental to the business, so we developed deferred compensation packages to reward them and help keep them with the company.

As the business became more profitable, Kim and Michael had to think about further transitions as they moved towards retirement. We had business valuations done to understand exactly what the business was worth. A special trust was put together to offset estate taxes so their business can transition to the next generation without losing steam along the way. By managing their portfolio and working closely with their external CPAs, lawyers, and insurance professionals, we ensured that various elements of their financial life are coordinated and on track with their goals.  We even helped them obtain a low interest loan to buy that new boat!

As their trusted advisors, we managed – and continue to manage – their entire financial world so they can concentrate on their family, business, and coming retirement plans.   In short, we give them financial comfort and serenity.

However complicated your life may be, connect with Hill Financial Services, PC and see what we can do for you.

Disclosure: Kim and Michael are a fictional representation of our client base.  They are not an actual person nor client of Hill Financial Services, PC.  Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.